Urinary Tract Support & Cleanse

  • Maximum Protection: Potent Garden’s ProCran dietary supplement contains the first proven whole cranberry fruit extract (500 mg.) clinically studied to be beneficial for urinary tract health. In addition our product contains a cranberry extract (50:1) along with a prebiotic and four probiotic strains designed to support normal intestinal flora, urinary and bladder health and general well being.
  • HARD WORKING: Each 500 mg serving of Potent Garden’s Urinary Tract Support contains approximately 80-100 mgs anthocyanins including proanthocyandins. This special mix discourages harmful pathogenic bacteria from clinging to the mucosal cells lining the urinary tract and bladder which reduces the likelihood of infections.
  • WHY THIS CRANBERRY? Each capsule contains 500mg of 100% whole cranberry from (fruit, fiber, skin and seed oil) concentrated extract plus a proprietary blend of probiotics, prebiotics and concentrated cranberry powder. Being a whole fruit, it contains the entire complement of natural bioactive components. In addition to the anthocyanins and proanthocyandins. Several healing benefits have been potentially ascribed to the presence of several natural occurring organic acids including ellagic, benzoi

Formulated in the USA.