3 Keys to Balancing Hormones with Natural Hormone Supplements

3 Keys to Balancing Hormones with Natural Hormone Supplements

Are you tired of endless mood swings, cramps, and bloating? Ready to do something about it, but hesitant to try yet another hormone pill which just seems to make your problems worse in the long run? Try some natural herbs and supplements before you give in to a lifetime of pain pills and irritability. You can give your body the extra support it needs without the worry of making your problems worse with direct hormone manipulation. A women's overall health is essential to keeping hormonal systems balanced. There are three key areas you want to support while bringing your hormones back to balance.

First, Support Your Hormonal System

Support your system with a hormone balance supplement that includes a variety of herbs shown to support women's health. Black Cohosh has been shown to decrease the occurrence of hot flashes. More research needs to be done, but so far it appears that this herb has estrogen-like effects in some areas of the body (where you want it) and not other areas (where estrogen causes harm). Red Raspberry Leaf Tea is high in antioxidants, B vitamins, iron, magnesium, and potassium, long used to support women's health during pregnancy it gives anyone who takes is regularly a great nutritional boost. It may also help reducing cramping. There are many more helpful herbs found in the Vital Woman support formula.


Second, Support Your Liver

One of the most prevalent hormone issues of modern society is an excess of estrogen. Since our bodies are made to produce more estrogen every month it is essential that when we are done using this estrogen we are able to eliminate it from our body. To do this we need a healthy liver. You may not have symptoms of liver problems, but if you have any hormonal issues, giving your liver a little extra support will help your body find the balance it needs.

Third, Support Your Thyroid

The thyroid can actually be the root cause of hormone imbalance because it is the thyroid gland that is the communication center between your ovaries and your brain. With communication down, your ovaries may not be getting the signals that tell them how much to make of which hormones, and when. Thyroid problems are widespread and severely underdiagnosed.  

Bringing your body back to balance is possible with a hormone supplement, but remember to also support the other systems that could be causing the imbalance.

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