A Gentle Way to Take Care of Your Colon

A Gentle Way to Take Care of Your Colon

To Cleanse or Not to Cleanse?

There is a long-term debate between the natural health world and modern medicine as to the benefits of colon cleansing. However, when you start digging, you realize that modern medicine is usually attacking the practices of water flushing and enemas, since these are rather harsh on the body and can have negative side effects. While modern medicine claims there is no research supporting colonic cleansing, they also readily admit that most modern Americans do not consume nearly enough fiber on a daily basis. Fiber is one of the things that allows are colon to function well, protecting us from toxins, bad bacteria, and digestive discomforts.

But you don't have to choose between water flushes and enemas or doing nothing at all to support your colon. There are gentle and easy ways you can colon cleanse to make sure your colon is able to do its job well.

So why would you want to support your colon?

Your colon's job is to get rid of all the waste your body does not need. It also gets rid of things that are harmful to your bodies, such as toxins and bad bacteria. Your colon is also very absorbent. Drugs administered through the colon have a very high rate of absorption,  and your colon is the place where the most water is absorbed into your body as well as any salts your body needs. You want your colon working smoothly so that it does not have problems absorbing what you need and also so that it does not start reabsorbing what you do not need.

Specific benefits of a healthy colon are...

A healthy digestive system. This includes being able to better absorb vitamins and minerals as well as not having the side effects of a poorly functioning digestive system such as constipation and diarrhea.

Increased energy, because your body is able to absorb the nutrients it needs and also keep the proper acid/alkaline balance you are likely to have more energy when your colon is working well.

A healthy colon can be the beginning of your weight loss journey. Did you know your colon can hold up to eight meals of food at a time? An empty colon weighs about four pounds, but a colon loaded with eight meals because it is sluggish or overburdened can add a lot to your weight. A high functioning colon can also increase your metabolism which helps with weight loss.

Reduce your risk of colon cancer. Although many doctors are skeptical of the claim that colon cleansing reduces the risk of colon cancer they readily admit that eating plenty of fiber reduces the risk. This is because fiber keeps your colon healthy. A good colon cleanse supplement will include fiber. Both natural medicine and alternative medicine agree that this will be beneficial to your colon and reduce your risk of colon cancer by limiting the amount of time toxins spend inside your colon.

For easy and gentle support try a 15 day colon cleanse supplement, Colon Care, which includes plenty of healthy fiber in addition to herbs and probiotics. You just take a pill each evening, along with at least 8 ounces of water. 



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