How to Lose Weight this Holiday Without Going Insane

How to Lose Weight this Holiday Without Going Insane

Losing weight during Christmas can be downright tough. In fact, from Halloween candy all the way through New Year's Day there are so many opportunities to indulge that it can be hard to maintain weight loss during the holidays without feeling grumpy and deprived. There are many little things you can do during the holiday's to continue your weight loss journey uninterrupted without depriving yourself completely of treats.

Avoid Decision Fatigue

One of the biggest tricks to maintaining healthy habits during a season where excess food is the expected norm is by making decisions ahead of time. As the season is starting take some time to decide how many treats you will allow yourself to have at holiday parties. Eating a healthy meal before parties will help you stick to whatever number of treats you have decided to allow yourself at the party. If you have treats or candy in the house, you also need to decide how much you will allow yourself and when. 

Having a plan and sticking to it is half the battle, allowing yourself a certain amount of treats will keep you from feeling deprived. You can also avoid grumpy deprivation syndrome by reminding yourself of your goal, whether that is to look great, or just increase your level of health, remind yourself what you gain by saying no to more treats.

Give Yourself a Bit of Extra Support

In addition to the above strategies, there are several things you can do to support your health and metabolism during the holidays. One of the most important systems in regulating our weight is the thyroid hormone system. Thyroid disease is one of the most wide-spread and under diagnosed diseases. The good news is you can support your thyroid naturally by taking Thyroid Support. This supplement is safe and provides many key vitamins and minerals your thyroid needs for optimal function.

Another helpful supplement for holiday weight loss is CLA 1250 which is a conjugated linoleic acid that has been shown to aid in weight loss by increasing metabolism. 

Finally, Water Away Pills can help you maintain a healthy fluid balance helping you avoid bloat and also increase your metabolism and nutrient absorption. 

You can keep losing weight during Christmas with a little pre-planning and a few supplements to help support your body as you enjoy the occasional treat of the season. You will be able to enjoy that one small piece of fudge with a smile, knowing that you are still on your way to a healthy weight.

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