Thyroid Symptoms, Causes, and Remedies

Thyroid Symptoms, Causes, and Remedies

Disturbed and abnormal Thyroid function causes a lot of physical and psychological complications. Women are more than twice prone to Thyroid complications as Thyroid is closely related with menstrual cycles and pregnancy.

We are living artificial lifestyles. We tend to focus and follow the trend. No matter how unhealthy it could be. From stressful work life, to hectic travel routines, to abnormal and ugly ‘quick-fix’ diets – our lives have moved forward from natural way to mechanical lifestyle.

We are dictated by quality of our lives. From diets to living, to water consumption – all around us is simply commercialized and highly competitive. We are commodities today.

From corn flakes to bran bread to iPhones, tablets and laptops; business-class to Emirates Airlines and Qatar airways. Our lives are now remote controlled by corporations. We have become the intelligent money-making machines; which have unintelligently destroyed our immune systems and biologics of our bodies.

With time progressing our bodies are regressing. Our bodies are rotting fast. People around us, in our families are contracting illnesses sooner than later. Life expectancy running shorter. Productivity and energy, are now taken as supplements.

The biological degeneration of our bodies and immune systems has been unsystematic, erratic and  lethal; inviting new forms of diseases and disorders.

Women have a degree different metabolic and biological structures. Since they procreate, that makes them different from men. Women, with time, develop disorders. Common health disorders include disturbed menstrual cycles, sleep disorders, post-pregnancy complications and much more.

These disorders are linked to various causes. Absence of healthy diet and life plan makes women prone to inviting diseases and ailments.

Speaking of ailments – the next very common disorder women now face, that affects overall woman’s health, sleep, reproduction adversely is the Thyroid gland malfunction and disorder.

Symptoms and signals like – sleep disorder, heart palpitations, nervousness, feeling of extreme hot and cold, constipation, disturbed metabolism, affected reproduction and menstrual cycles – all are controlled and affected by this Thyroid gland which lies at the base of the throat and windpipe.

The hormonal gland is fundamental to woman – disturbance either results in weight loss or unexplained weight gain.

What is Thyroidism and Thyroid abnormality – thyroid gland produces hormones in a said balance, a little suppressed supply or a little oversupply, causes the whole body to react and develop anomalies which are permanently dangerous.

Symptoms like weight-loss and gain, premature miscarriages, disturbed diet plans, constipation and followed by immediate diarrhoea; all are signals of thyroid not functioning at the optimum level.

2 levels of Thyroid conditions bring adverse effects to your health. As a woman, you must keep an eye on the changes you feel overall. Women with disturbed menstrual cycles, over-bleeding, under-bleeding, incomplete periods or extended periods. Late start to period or skipping of periods are all symptoms and signs of Thyroid disturbed activity.

Every year 40,000 women are affected with thyroid abnormality in the US every year. Both Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism are common ailments found in women.


The under-secretion of Thyroid hormone, the under-production of thyroid hormone leads to various symptoms like – being overweight, exhaustion, bowel irregularity, dried-out skins and scalp, depression, mood swings, being easily irritated.

These signs impede your growth and social activity. When body is not performing at optimum, your workout, your work, your family, your connections and relations – all take a hit. If you’re a workaholic woman, or a teacher; with such ailments surfacing, you would grow conscious.

Sleeping disorders affect you as a personality. Imagine you’re a project manager, going through a vital phase of project completion. If you’re an entrepreneur, where your focus needs to be optimum and peaking, sleeping disorders will mean your control is getting out of hand.

As a sportswoman, sleeping disorders means, your physical activity and muscle performance will deteriorate. The willingness, the energy, the vitality all take a dip. Now just imagine, if you’re preparing for an inter-state event, hypothyroidism will be a nightmare.

People are usually over conscious about diabetes, but thyroid disorder is a silent venom people are unaware of. Prolonged condition of thyroid disorder leads to permanent physical and psychological damage.

If conditions are not acute, the immune system is not damaging the thyroid gland; the secretion is either less (hypothyroidism) or more (hyperthyroidism); doctors can suggest supplements for thyroid level maintenance.

Supplements like thyroid support from Potent Garden helps patients to regulate metabolism; helps in controlling the thyroid levels in the body while the doctors focus the recovery of the thyroid production, naturally.

Hypothyroidism is common amongst women. The causes are many to contract Thyroid disorder. Some of the causes are genetic, some are due to radiation exposure, some are due to unhealthy lifestyle and intake.


The excess production of thyroid hormone is hyperthyroidism. Excess thyroid affects the body in adverse ways. Weight loss, sleeplessness, heart palpitations, restlessness.

These symptoms are enough to disrupt your normal social and business life. How can you conduct your business, family affairs in such a state? People affected with hyperthyroidism experience increased heart beats. Sleepless nights are nightmare patients suffer.

Curing insomnia which stems from thyroid malfunctioning, requires a different set of medication which comes with an additional luggage of side-effects.

No one’s body is ready to handle side-effects. Thyroid malfunction also leads to baldness and disturbed metabolism. Being a professional, handling an uninvited disease is another full-time job. Question is would you want to prolong your thyroid malfunction? Or would you want a proven, healthy, additive-free solution that’ll help you recover your thyroid malfunction.

Too little hormone secretion in the bloodstream also means the central nervous system also reacts to the malfunction. The ‘brain fog’ or the loss of focus is one of the by-products / symptoms of thyroid malfunction.

For example, if one your students or children (mostly females) are facing thyroid malfunction, grades can be affected. We are talking about long-term career growth being affected.

Thyroid malfunction is not an ordinary ailment. The ailment is not to be taken lightly. Doctors and medics can help you select the best thyroid supplement which regulates the thyroid hormone in the bloodstream.


Food intake

Thyroid malfunction is best addressed with planned healthy diets which should see sugar intakes, beverages being restricted for a long-period. Hypothyroidism causes weight-gain, which makes the ailment acute if sugar intake is not reduced.

Proper and scheduled workout plans, healthy diets which include vegetables, protein intake, controlled carbohydrate consumption, avoidance of alcohol, elimination of smoking – all contribute to improving the wellbeing and metabolism of the patient.

Vegetable and organic intakes helps thyroid malfunction to be reduced. Less fat-inducing food intake helps controlling the weigh-gain with Hypothyroidism. The natural thyroid supplement helps you gain energy, which otherwise, if left unattended, the thyroid malfunction takes away all the energy.

This leaves you fatigued, exhausted through the day. Thyroid malfunction affects the body function overall – leading to depression and irritation. If prolonged, the effects are permanently damaging.

Healthy organic food intake helps you regain your balance. Thyroid Support supplement helps you get the balance, put thyroid levels in balance. Thyroid supplements are not a replacement but a supplement which makes up the shortage of thyroid hormone.

Foods like vegetables, fruits and salads are best nutrition one can do justice with. Fatty, oily, junk are a total no even for healthy people. Its not that Thyroid patients are not healthy its just the hormone levels are to be normalized.

You can ask your doctor about the Thyroid Support from Potent Garden and use as suggested and required. Thyroid Support helps you regulate your metabolism, which shall control constipation, fatigue, exhaustion, over-weight, under-weight issues.


Thyroid issues

The real cause of contracting thyroid is yet unclear. It is sometimes hereditary; in some cases it is attributed to improper balance in food intake. The scarcity of iodized salts in meals. Iodine controls and levels the balances of thyroid hormone production.

The causes could be varied, case to case. The thyroid imbalance, over or under, has no age bar to contract. Although women who have crossed the 45-year age are most likely to contract thyroid complications.

To control and take precautionary measures, Thyroid supplement from Potent Garden is a good and reliable source to balance the thyroid hormone. Doctors recommend this supplement while undergoing treatment.

Thyroid treatment is a time intensive process. Treating hormones is a complex medical process where the age, the lifestyle, the food intake, the health, blood pressure, pregnancy history, blood groups, all of these are taken into account.

Since it takes time to recover, timely intake of Thyroid supplement will regulate the thyroid levels in your body, saving you further pain, physical deficiencies, side effects and aggravation of the thyroid imbalance.

Thyroid imbalance also leads to miscarriages and premature births which are a constant pain for the rest of the lives.

You can imagine, if you are overworked, performing at below optimum level due to exhaustion; the psychological trauma is however very painful and permanent to your body and mind.

If you’re researching and looking for a quick remedy, Thyroid Supplement is a reliable medication which can help you control the hormones, while the thyroid gland is treated.

If left untreated, Thyroid imbalance develops into Goitre; a severe development which then leads to thyroid cancer. The extreme ignorance of thyroid imbalance gets developed into goitre. Goitre is the inflammation of the Thyroid gland which is noticeable with a swollen throat, the voice turning hoarse and manly.

Hair fall, weight loss, goitre, disturbed stomach, nausea are some of the symptoms of Thyroid imbalance. Goitre is the extreme stage where thyroid reacts, due to used up thyroid hormone, less production of the hormone, depletion in the secretion of the hormone.

Sometimes in cases when thyroid secretion is depleting, the immune system reacts to the thyroid gland. Leading to inflammation.

To balance these anomalies, Thyroid supplement controls the levels by inducing the thyroid hormone while also aid the gland to secrete balanced level of the hormone.

Thyroid supplement carries no side effects. Your doctor will direct you to the usage of the supplement. External balancing of thyroid hormone is essential to maintain and regain the strength which otherwise is taken away by the disturbance.

Quick regaining of balance saves you further cost, from health degradation and psychological and social trauma one goes through.

Refer Thyroid supplement from Potent Garden to know more about how the supplement, in what quantity will help you. The severity of the illness from thyroid imbalance is necessary to be determined to recommend a quantity of thyroid supplement.

In severe cases, thyroid supplement will be used in large quantities with multiple intervals of intakes. Less severe cases will need only 2 to 3 intakes in a day.

The Thyroid supplement from Potent Garden is safe for usage with no side effects. Help yourself regain the potent power your lifestyle needs you to function for everyday life.


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