How to Choose a LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants?

How to Choose a LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants?


Full spectrum LED grow lights provide illumination that is similar to sunlight and it contains all wavelength of lights from 380nm to 800nm. This helps your plants grow faster, promotes photosynthesis and satisfies plant germination growth.

To maximize the usefulness and effectiveness for a LED Grow lights for plants should have an Auto On/OFF Function, adjustable Lighting Modes, Dimming Levels, 360 degree Rotatable Neck & Durable Clip.


Many plants benefit by having “rest” time with the lights turned off. This time is used by the plants to use some of the energy they captured during the day to fuel growth. An Auto ON/OFF Function: LED indoor grow light features a smart auto turn on/off function. Three setting options allow you to keep the light on for 3, 6 or 12 hours. Plus it has two-way memory timing function – set up once and it will automatically turn on and off EVERYDAY. 


3 LIGHTING MODES & 5 DIMMING LEVELS: There are 5 dimming levels to suit various stages of plant’s growth (20, 40, 60, 80 and 100% brightness). With the 3 lighting mode of portable plant light, you can either keep any one on or both of them on. These functions give your plants the perfect amount of light.


360° ROTATABLE NECK & DURABLE CLIP: The fully flexible gooseneck allows to adjust the angle and distance between the light and plants. So you can provide up to 360° illumination to your plants and promote their growth. With the powerful clip, you can attach LED grow light to a table edge or board. Durable Grow light clip designed of high-quality materials and springs. Can be attached to any surface with a maximum of up to 3 inches. This portability feature allows for the moving of the light where ever needed in your garden.  


Making sure you have all the above features will help you meet your goal of using an LED grow light for your indoor garden. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced gardener, these features help make indoor gardening simple and fun. You can find the LED Grow Light with all these features at Klever LED Grow Light. Order now to start your journey to help your plants grow faster.

Have you used an LED Grow Lights for indoor gardening, please share your success story! 

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