Want to Improve your Health? Start with Your Gut Health

Want to Improve your Health? Start with Your Gut Health

Improving your health is a great goal but with so much information available it can be confusing to know where to start. Think of your gut health as the center of your health. Since gut health affects so many other systems in your body improving the function of your gut can improve your overall health. Focus on improving your digestion first. When you Improve digestion it will help all the other systems in your body because you will be able to absorb and utilize more of the nutrients that you are consuming.

Start with Digestive Enzymes

Whenever you have a big goal, like improving your health, it is best to break that goal down into smaller steps. You need a specific and simple action you can easily complete every day to make consistent progress towards your goal. Digestive Enzymes are a great way to start improving your digestion which will also improve the health of your gut. It is easy to take a supplement before every meal with enzymes that will help you digest all the incoming nutrition. 

Every system in your body needs access to the nutrients you are eating, but if your gut is not healthy it cannot break down the nutrients well and many of them will pass through your body unabsorbed.

What are Digestive Enzymes?

Enzymes are complex proteins found throughout the body that speed up chemical reactions to create the changes necessary to life. Digestive enzymes speed up the breakdown of food molecules into the component parts that are able to be absorbed by the small intestine. This process takes place with all types of foods, breaking down fats, proteins, and sugars into the smaller bits that the intestine can absorb. 

How do we Naturally Get Digestive Enzymes?

Some digestive enzymes are found in the foods we eat and others are made by our bodies. If we are not healthy is quite likely that our body is not able to make all of the digestive enzymes we need. It is also possible that your diet does not contain enough of the foods that are high in digestive enzymes, vegetables, fruits, and fermented foods. Adding a complete digestive enzyme to your meals will ensure that no matter what you are eating, and whether or not your body is producing enzymes efficiently, you will still be able to digest your food well. 

Lack of Enzymes can Cause Poor Gut Health

Not having the enzymes needed to digest your food is one of the causes behind food intolerance. With food intolerance you have a slow gradual reaction to foods, causing a myriad of symptoms and often a delayed reaction. Your headache today could be caused by something you ate 3 days ago, this makes it very difficult to pinpoint what foods are causing your symptoms. Taking an enzyme supplement can help prevent the development of food intolerances.

Are There Side-Effects to Taking a Digestive Enzyme?

Look for a brand with the GMP stamp of approval, this ensures good manufacturing processes, which gives you a label that actually matches the product inside the bottle! Regular use of digestive enzymes taken in moderate amounts does not typically come with any side-effects or harm. Taking more than six capsules a day of any digestive enzyme supplement is not recommended. Supplements are usually designed to be effective with just one capsule before each meal.


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