Multivitamin Buyer's Guide:How to Make Sure Your Body Can Use the Nutrients Your Are Buying in that Bottle

Multivitamin Buyer's Guide:How to Make Sure Your Body Can Use the Nutrients Your Are Buying in that Bottle

Are all multivitamin's the same? Can you just pick up the cheapest version at the supermarket and be assured your body is getting what it needs to thrive? Unfortunately, there is a vast difference in the quality of multivitamins. Some contain artificial versions of vitamins that have actually been proven to be harmful. One example is vitamin D2 which is a synthetic version of vitamin D that has been shown to be less effective than vitamin D3 2 in addition to being less effective there are a number of studies pointing to vitamin D2 actually causing harm.1

The answer is not to run out and buy the most expensive multivitamin you can find, because we all know some companies are just looking to charge more for those same sub-standard formulas. Many companies also include a lot of filler, meaning most of that giant pill is just for show. You need to do a little research to make sure you are getting the best multivitamin.

Find a Food-Based Multivitamin

One way to tell if you are going to be able to absorb and use your supplement is to make sure it is an all natural multivitamin. This means it is food based. A food-based multivitamin ensures your body is getting the nutrients in the same form that is would in nature and will be able to recognize and use the vitamins as nature intended. 

Check For Inclusion of Enzymes and Probiotics

Another great addition to an all natural multivitamin is the presence of enzymes. Since enzymes play a key role in digesting food, the best multivitamin supplements include them to help ensure you are able to absorb the concentrated nutrients you pay for. What about probiotics? Don't you need those for good digestion also? Yes, probiotics are very important for gut health and nutrient absorption and you can expect a top of the line multivitamin to include them in their formula.

Manufacturing Certifications

You also want to ensure that the facility that produces your supplement is regularly inspected by a third-party, such as the FDA.

Having trouble finding an all natural multivitamin that meets all your standards? Try MultiMax Daily.

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