Check Your Mega Mineral for this One Key Ingredient

Check Your Mega Mineral for this One Key Ingredient

Did you know that the presence of one ingredient in your mineral supplement can provide your body with 72 trace minerals? That ingredient is Bentonite Clay and if your supplement does not have it you may not be getting all of the trace minerals your body needs for optimum health. You may not think eating dirt sounds important, tasty, or even natural, but traditional diets did not sterilize their food to the extent that we do today. Adding bentonite clay to your diet can help make up for our chlorinated, irradiated, and pasturized diet.

What is Bentonite Clay?

Bentonite clay is weathered volcanic ash. The primary source in the United States is a large deposit in Wyoming and Montana. Weathered volcanic ash can be found around the world and was commonly used by ancient people, who added a little to their water before drinking to avoid digestive upsets.

How Bentonite Clay Detoxifies

We all know clay likes to stick to things. Inside your body clay also sticks, and it sticks to harmful substances and then moves through your digestive tract pulling toxins out of your body. It acts on a wide variety of toxins from heavy metals, to bad bacteria and viruses.  In fact, a study has shown a specific mineral in clay (CsAg02) to be capable of killing E. Coli and MRSA1. The process of detoxification happens on a molecular level, the clay is negatively charged and most of the junk our body needs to get rid of is positively charged. So the junk is attracted to the clay, and the clay is carried out of our digestive tract through our ordinary bowel processes.

Consuming bentonite clay to aid in digestion is not a new practice, it has been used throughout history to aid digestion, the science is just now supporting what the ancients already knew in practice, consuming this clay helps avoid stomach aches and diarrhea. 

Help for the Acidic Body

Bentonite clay is also helpful for bringing an acidic body, which is more prone to disease, back to an alkaline balance. This is simply because the minerals themselves are alkaline. A body with the correct alkalinity is much less prone to infections as many bacteria thrive in an acid environment.

Are you looking for a mega mineral supplement that includes Bentonite clay? Try Mega Mineral by Potent Garden, it covers all your major and minor mineral needs.

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